Hiatus Announcement

Hey listeners! Thanks for listening to Queer4Queer over the last year! We’ve decided to put Queer4Queer on hold while we work on new podcasts! We’ve learned a lot doing Queer4Queer and we are super grateful to have the listeners we have, it’s really been a great experience! We hope you’ll join us in the near future on new projects!

The Queerterion Collection: Detective Pikachu

The Queerterion Collection is back with a review of the 2019 film Detective Pikachu! Ash and Molly sit down to talk about the best, the worst, and the queerest aspects of the fluffiest, cuddliest, blockbuster of the year! If you haven’t seen the movie, this episode is full of SPOILERS! If you’ve seen the movie, come hang out and hear our Charizard-hot takes!

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Q4Q 045: BJ Tindal (Playwright)

In this episode of Queer4Queer, we sit back down with our friend BJ Tindal, a playwright in Chicago. They recently had their play produced at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta! We talk about that experience, what a dramaturge is, and the hit television show Smallville. If you’ve been waiting for an in-depth discussion on the validity of Lana Lang and the tragedy of Pete Ross, then this episode is for you! (And like usual, we finish it all off with a song!) Thanks for listening!

Q4Q 044: Evie Riojas (Actress)

In this episode, we hung out with trans actress Evilyn Rae who happens to play the lead zombie role in our short film Eat Rich! We talk about pursuing acting in the city, working on DIY projects, AND Evie provides some special sound effects an impressions! It’s a fun little episode! Thanks for listening!

Q4Q 043: Magnus Honey (Sol Nix & Dave Anians)

Hey! Thanks for listening! In this very special episode, we sit down with a band! More specifically, it’s a two-piece drum and bass, punk band Magnus Honey. In addition to being talented musicians, Davey and Sol are both good friends that we’ve known for a couple of years! We talk about the DIY scene in Chicago, collaborating on art as a couple, and Magnus Honey performs an original and we all join in on a cover! Remember to sing along!

While Magnus Honey does not have music online, check out Davey here: https://daveydynamite.bandcamp.com/

Q4Q 041: Marlo Mellow (Queer, Fat, Femme Artist, Attorney, Activist)

In this episode, we sit down with our friend Marlo to talk about fat positivity, burlesque, exploring lgbtq+ issues through fan fiction and more! After the chat, we grab the guitar for a great karaoke performance (and an even better Randy Newman impression). Grab your Supernatural Fanfiction and hang out with us!

Q4Q 040: Ruby Western (Artist)

In this episode of Queer4Queer, Ruby Western journeyed through the winter wasteland of Chicago to hang out with us and chat. We cover her college days, doing standup comedy, and her graphic design work. Ruby also gives some of the best dating advice given on our show! Like the show? Why not share it with a friend?

Q4Q 039: Eddie Gamboa (Pop Culture Expert)

It’s another wintery day in Chicago, so we cuddle up in our Chicago apartment with Eddie Gamboa, a Kingdom Hearts-enthusiast, performance artist, organizer, and our pop culter expert! We talk about Steven Universe, Kingdom Hearts 3, AND The Masked Singer. It’s an all-around good time!

Q4Q 038: Rae Hamilton-Vargo (Actor)

In this episode, we sit down with Rae Hamilton-Vargo, a trans actor in Chicago. We talk about their experience at Northwestern, being trans in the Chicago theatre scene, and trans representation in media. After some hot takes, we take a hot (karaoke) break and sing a classic 2000’s song! Thanks to Rae for sitting down with us on a cold winter day in our tiny apartment!

Q4Q 037: C.J. Arellano (Writer, Filmmaker)

In this interview, Ash and Molly sit down with C.J. Arellano, a filmmaker and writer in Chicago, IL.  We cover topics like: Goosebumps, directing and crowdfunding DIY films, and dream projects. Then, we end it all with a truly 2000’s karaoke song! It’s the first of many interviews for us in 2019! Thanks for listening!

A RPG Special: The Puzzle Train

It’s 2019! In this Role-Playing Game special, Ash and Molly roll the dice with Fiona Bradley as they build a fantasy adventure together! Follow the story of Larry (an old man that can only turn into a tree), and Slink (a boy with a slinky for a torso), as they make their way through a strange locomotive and seek to find the cause of their misfortunes.

Q4Q 034: Pokémon (With Ali Abbas)

In this episode, Ash and Molly sit down with their good friend Ali Abbas to dish on the oldest, queerest hobby: Pocket Monsters, or Pokémon. Is the newest game any good? Can you have too many Charmander plushies? And, why is the new Detective Pikachu game so scary? Stay tuned, and you’ll find out the answers to these questions (and much more) in a special nerdy episode of Queer4Queer!

Q4Q 031: Our Friend, Becca Brown

In a very special episode, Ash and Molly interview Becca Brown,  a Filipinx-Jewish actor, musician, comedian, and writer. The conversation covers working on School of Rock with Jack Black, being queer and dating in Chicago, and discussing all the other great stuff Becca is working on! Thanks, Becca for stopping by our little couch!

Check out to bookbeccabrown.com for more info on this week’s guest!

Q4Q 030: What’s Your Sign?

In this episode, Ash and Molly are your guides through the galaxy (and your love life). They cover the queerest signs, help listeners find new love, and Ash even gets her own tiny segment: Ash’s Game Corner. What’s in your future? Well, it looks like 40 minutes of good-natured conversation with your fave queers!

Q4Q 028: Love Songs

In this intimate episode of Queer4Queer, Ash and Molly exchange their favorite love songs. You’ll get the inside scoop on what makes a good love song, why A Star is Born is a straight mess, and finally, you’ll hear the songs Ash and Molly have written for each other! It’s another mushy, gay mess you’ve grown to love!

Q4Q 017: Dinner Date

In our first unedited show of the podcast, we get into the tasty tricks and tips on teaching you how to treat your snack to the best queer dinner date. What’s the best food to eat on a date? How do you bake a cake that makes people stop being homophobic? Why do both co-hosts end all their bits with weird Moth Man references? Find out in this juicy, raw episode!