Q4Q 029: The Halloween Spooktacular!

Happy Spooktober! It’s time for a Halloween Special with Ash, Molly, and their straight BFF, Emily Drevets. Eat your treats, practice your tricks, and listen to these devlish queers tell ghost stories, try to remember the lyrics of a haunting tune, and face the scariest task of all… doing improv comedy. Thanks for spending the holiday with us!

The Queerterion Collection: School of Rock

In this episode, Ash and Molly discuss the film School of Rock. Does the 2000’s Jack Black film bring the queer rock? How would Q4Q rewrite this flawless film? And finally, will we win the battle of the bands? All these answers and more in a very cinematic Queer4Queer. Accept no substitutes!

Q4Q 026: Our Friend, Fiona Bradley

In this episode of Queer4Queer, Ash and Molly have a chill conversation with their good friend Fiona Bradley. Fiona answers questions about being in a punk band as a teenager, her roller derby name, and joining the circus and traveling to Australia. Finally, in the end, we all perform a special, adventurous karaoke song! Thanks for tuning in!

Q4Q 025: Writing Partners

In this episode, Ash and Molly talk about the wonderful world of writing, and more importantly: co-writing! What is Ash’s favorite piece of writing she’s done? How did Ash and Molly write Eat Rich, their zombie trans comedy/horror short film? And finally, how did Ash and Molly write a six-minute epic song about Bubby fighting the moon? (Spoiler alert: You get to hear the WHOLE song!)

Q4Q 024: Our Friend, Evelyn Landow

In this episode of Q4Q, Ash and Molly sit down with their friend Evelyn Landow. The conversation covers a whole range of topics: Pumpkin Spice, The Cabin in the Woods, gender questions, and playing music! And finally, continuing our tradition, we do karaoke! What if God was a podcast listener? They’d probably on the bus with their headphones on enjoying this episode!

Q4Q 023: The 36 Questions, Part Three

In this episode, Ash and Molly finish the 36 questions! Take another deep dive into their past, present, and future together to find out if they fall even more in love.  Also, Ash and Molly come up with catchphrases! Put some fluff on this Bub! The show is now available on Spotify!

Q4Q 022: Horror Movies

To celebrate the announcement of their short film Eat Rich, Ash, and Molly talk about a few of their favorite horror movies and tv series. Are Ash and Molly both into the fish man in The Shape of Water? Does Molly love Sean Astin in Stranger Things as much as Ash does? And finally, why is The Cabin in the Woods still such a good movie?

Q4Q 020: Straight BFFs (with Emily Drevets)

As queer people, we all have that stereotypical, sassy Straight Friend! And in this very special episode, we want to introduce you to ours! With our best straight friend Emily, we’re going to tackle all of those hard-hitting questions about our hetero homies like: How do you come out to your parents as a lesbian? How do you survive 24 hours in the gym? And, how do you pick that perfect karaoke song?

Q4Q 019: The 36 Questions, Part One

In this episode, Ash and Molly take on the biggest obstacle to any longterm relationship: The 36 Questions That Lead to Love. Hey! It’s not just for straight people reading the New York Times in 2015! Covering questions 1-12, this episode turned out to be a really nice conversation covering some past experiences we’ve never talked about!

Q4Q 018: Rejection

In this episode, Ash & Molly talk about the times they’ve been romantically and artistically rejected. Can a relationship go a fart too far? How do you recover from a high school talent show gone wrong? Will the Hallmark Channel be buying Molly’s queer sex dramedy? All these answers & more on this latest episode! (NOTE: The audio quality in this episode is pretty rough, sorry about that!)

Q4Q 016: This Queer Life

This Queer Life is a public radio program, also known as just another episode of our regular podcast. This week, our theme is Helping. How does an onlooker help the elderly pick up DVDs? How does a young woman help teach a future generation to stop trying to talk to ghosts? And lastly, how do our two hosts, Ash and Molly, help each other?

The Queerterion Collection: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In this special episode, Ash and Molly discuss the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Are dinosaurs all super gay? Is Wayne Knight back as a cyborg mastermind? Is the indoraptor just Chris Pratt’s scary fursona? Welcome to The Queerterion Collection, where every film is queer because we’re watching it.

Q4Q 014: Queer Representation (With Ali Abbas)

Ash and Molly sit down with their friend, and date, Ali Abbas, who is an amazing TV writer & queer pug dad. They discuss Ali’s web series The Girl Deep Down Below, talk about his favorite queer representation in media, how he made his pup a star, and more in this entertainment information-packed episode!

Q4Q 013: PRIDE!

Hey y’all! It’s officially PRIDE season! In this episode, Ash and Molly talk about coming out, going to pride, and take a swing at designing a Pride Parade float! Take a few minutes to hang out and drink that good, good Pride Parade Bud Light, cus this one’s a scorcher! (Trigger Warning for the episode: depression, suicidal ideation)

Ash Goes Solo On Solo: A Star Wars Story

In this episode, Ash pilots the Q4Q ship through the treacherous maelstrom that is Solo: A Star Wars Story. Is the caterpillar lady cool? Is L3 a well-written female character? Is Lando really pansexual? Is the scene where Han gets the Millenium Falcon in a card game interesting at all? Ash tackles these tough questions and more in this thrilling stand-alone addition to the Q4Q saga.

The D&D RPG Special

Welcome to the mystical & pointy land of Sword World! Your co-hosts Ash & Molly magically transform into the characters of a bumbling page, a [kinda] royal two-headed dragon, a witch who loves kids, and a garden gnome with a deadly history. Join us as we journey through the castle to save the Queen of Swords!

Q4Q 012: Dungeons & Dragons & Dating

Want to learn how to roleplay? In this very special episode of Q4Q, Ash and Molly discuss their experiences with Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop games. Learn how to avoid all of the scary mechanics and rules of the game and get right to the point: having fun with your friends!

Q4Q 011: Southern Queerz – Marietta, GA

In this second installment of Southern Queerz, Ash and Molly take a trip past the Big Chicken to Molly’s hometown, Marietta, Ga. We discuss growing up with Civil War re-enactors, trying to start queer film clubs in High School, and using vision boards to get your driver’s license.