Q4Q 044: Evie Riojas (Actress)

In this episode, we hung out with trans actress Evilyn Rae who happens to play the lead zombie role in our short film Eat Rich! We talk about pursuing acting in the city, working on DIY projects, AND Evie provides some special sound effects an impressions! It’s a fun little episode! Thanks for listening!

Q4Q 043: Magnus Honey (Sol Nix & Dave Anians)

Hey! Thanks for listening! In this very special episode, we sit down with a band! More specifically, it’s a two-piece drum and bass, punk band Magnus Honey. In addition to being talented musicians, Davey and Sol are both good friends that we’ve known for a couple of years! We talk about the DIY scene in Chicago, collaborating on art as a couple, and Magnus Honey performs an original and we all join in on a cover! Remember to sing along!

While Magnus Honey does not have music online, check out Davey here: https://daveydynamite.bandcamp.com/