Q4Q 026: Our Friend, Fiona Bradley

In this episode of Queer4Queer, Ash and Molly have a chill conversation with their good friend Fiona Bradley. Fiona answers questions about being in a punk band as a teenager, her roller derby name, and joining the circus and traveling to Australia. Finally, in the end, we all perform a special, adventurous karaoke song! Thanks for tuning in!

Q4Q 025: Writing Partners

In this episode, Ash and Molly talk about the wonderful world of writing, and more importantly: co-writing! What is Ash’s favorite piece of writing she’s done? How did Ash and Molly write Eat Rich, their zombie trans comedy/horror short film? And finally, how did Ash and Molly write a six-minute epic song about Bubby fighting the moon? (Spoiler alert: You get to hear the WHOLE song!)

Q4Q 024: Our Friend, Evelyn Landow

In this episode of Q4Q, Ash and Molly sit down with their friend Evelyn Landow. The conversation covers a whole range of topics: Pumpkin Spice, The Cabin in the Woods, gender questions, and playing music! And finally, continuing our tradition, we do karaoke! What if God was a podcast listener? They’d probably on the bus with their headphones on enjoying this episode!