Q4Q 023: The 36 Questions, Part Three

In this episode, Ash and Molly finish the 36 questions! Take another deep dive into their past, present, and future together to find out if they fall even more in love.  Also, Ash and Molly come up with catchphrases! Put some fluff on this Bub! The show is now available on Spotify!

Q4Q 022: Horror Movies

To celebrate the announcement of their short film Eat Rich, Ash, and Molly talk about a few of their favorite horror movies and tv series. Are Ash and Molly both into the fish man in The Shape of Water? Does Molly love Sean Astin in Stranger Things as much as Ash does? And finally, why is The Cabin in the Woods still such a good movie?

Q4Q 020: Straight BFFs (with Emily Drevets)

As queer people, we all have that stereotypical, sassy Straight Friend! And in this very special episode, we want to introduce you to ours! With our best straight friend Emily, we’re going to tackle all of those hard-hitting questions about our hetero homies like: How do you come out to your parents as a lesbian? How do you survive 24 hours in the gym? And, how do you pick that perfect karaoke song?